EXLdrive is using a logically system of building up the driving skills of new students. Initially the focus is on car handling while in later stages, and indeed rather sooner than later, the instruction will shift towards moving easy,  independently and safely through the traffic.

Instruction is usually given in blocks of 90 minutes to increase the effectiveness of the lessons. EXLdrive is using instruction cards to monitor progress.

The basic instruction  price is €44 per 60 minutes, including taxes, but if you purchase the full package a discount is given. However, EXLdrive is committed to provide high quality driving lessons where the learning by the student is the top priority. For that reason also  EXLdrive places high value on the theoretical knowledge of the student which enables him or her to move with confidence in the traffic. And confidence ensures safety!  We want our students to excel in driving, hence our trademark ‘EXLdrive‘.

Among others we offer the following base courses:

       Driver’s licence course in English (or Dutch)

  • Regular driving course, including study materials and exams;
  • Driving lessons of 60 or preferably 90 minutes;
  • Local pick up from home, school or workplace;
  • Single student instruction;
  • Package deals available (25 lesson of 90 minutes each);

       Refresher or Adaptation course ‘Driving in the Netherlands’.

  • 2 hours refresher training on traffic rules and regulations;
  • 4 x 1.5 hours driving in different traffic situations;
  • Local pick up from home, school or workplace;
  • More training and preparation for Dutch driving exams possible;

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your requirements are different… we will try to accommodate it! See also our page on ‘Specials’.


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