EXLdrive is a  driving school that started it’s activities last year in the  The Hague, Wassenaar, Leiden and Voorschoten area. It is owned by Jasper Zijlstra who is also the driving instructor. In fact he is also a flight instructor and partial owner of AeroHolland flight school operating from Lelystad airport.

Besides to regular Dutch customers, EXLdrive aims to offer its services to Expats living in the area and provide a full driving course for beginners, and re-training courses for those who want to get used to the Dutch traffic (with all it’s bicycles!), or for those who have some fear driving on the narrow lanes of city centres.

affice verkeersborden

Different training packages are possible, including theoretical training to pass the theory exams.  All tuiton is in Dutch or English, including theory materials.

Did you know that you can now sign up to the “2toDrive” programme and have your child start learning to drive at 16.5 years old?

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