EXLdrive is able to provide tailor made programmes to accommodate your wishes. Before designing  such a special driving course I will discuss  extensively with you about your needs and possibilities.

Just a few examples:

  • general fear to drive
  •  learn to drive safely with a small trailer;
  •  refresher course for driving on motorways;
  •  refresher course on parking and other special manoeuvres;
  • A special programme is the 2toDrive programme:

 2 to Drive for young adults

2toDrive is an experiment from the Dutch government that started in November 2011 and which will run for an initial period of 6 years. Young unexperienced drivers are more often involved in accidents than experienced drivers and the idea with this experiment is that a young driver can gain driving experience under the supervision of a coach.


How it works:

  • From the age of 16 you can take the theory exam. The theory certificate is valid 1.5 years.
  • From the age of 16.5 you may take driving lessons.
  • From the age of 17 you can take an intermediate driving test (if desired) and the final driving test.
  • After obtaining your license you may drive a car until the age of 18 years but only under the guidance of a coach selected by you.
  • From the age of 18 you may drive without a coach.


If you would like to participate in the 2toDrive programme you discuss with your driving school and set up a study plan, starting with the theory requirements. About 1 month before doing the final driving exam you should apply for a ‘coaching’ pass. You may choose up to five coaches. There are certain requirements coaches (see below) must fulfil so you must first discuss with them and get their support. The names will be listed on the pass which you must always carry with you when driving.

A 2toDrive coach:

  • Must have (European) driver’s licence for cars for at least 5 years.
  • Must be at least 27 years old.
  • Has not been prosecuted by courts for causing a traffic accident in the four years preceding the application.
  • Has not participated in (compulsory) alcohol addiction or behavioural therapy courses in the four years preceding the application.
  • There may not have been formal investigations into the ability or fitness to drive in the four years preceding the application.
  • Must not be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication during the coaching.
  • Must carry a valid driving licence during the coaching.

 The information above is from the Dutch website “2todrive”. No claims/rights can made based on this summary.



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