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The Car

EXLdrive uses a modern Renault Scenic car with French comfort level! It has manual gears and runs on diesel fuel. It features an electronic handbrake, a cruise-control, a built-in navigation system and a rear view camera. The outside view is excellent due to its high seating design.

Welcome on board!



The Instructor

My name is Jasper Zijlstra, now almost 54 years of age. I’m your driving or flying instructor. After working with NGO’s and the UN for many years in the field of poverty alleviation in various countries in 2005 I found a new passion and challenge in life: being a flight instructor. In 2013 the driving instruction came naturally as an addition to the flying, and who knows… in the future I will be your instructor for flying cars!
Having been an expat myself for many years I understand the needs and questions you might have living in a new country. Please don’t hesitate to contact me! Hope to see you soon ‘on board’!

The Plane

AeroHolland, the flight school, uses one of the most trustworthy and proven training airplane of all times: the Cessna 150. A two-seater airplane which is reliable, safe and relatively easy to control. It’s airworthiness is certified on an annual basis and it is part of a full maintenance program.

Please contact us at for more information or book a ‘trial flight’ to get the experience of a lifetime!

Welcome on board!

cockpit G_ICLC


Welcome to EXLdrive !


EXLdrive is a regular Dutch driving school in the greater Voorschoten and Wassenaar area. Besides catering towards the regular Dutch customers, we try to serve the Expat community living here by providing full driving courses for new drivers or refresher and adaptation courses for those who are not familiar with the Dutch traffic rules.

Please click  on the links above to find out more!

Auto te gast
Car as ‘guest’…
Bicycle lane
Bicycle lanes everywhere…


Would you like to try first or surprise your child with a test drive? Buy the special EXLdrive gift voucher.  Click on button below for more information:

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For those who are fed up with traffic jams I offer flying courses as well! Find out more by clicking on the airplane link. The ultimate goal? A flying car as the one shown down below…

Flying car